About Us

Meet Kru Bruce:

First, I want to thank you for visiting my blog, which is basically a platform for me to share my passion for martial arts. I believe that martial arts can allow you as the individual to become in touch your true essence. Through training you begin to learn your strengths and weaknesses, both mental and physical. This understanding is truly empowering, because just as we have strengths and weaknesses…everyone else does as well. There is never an end point in training or life, just transitions. I remember training in a Dojo, and the head instructor was in his 70s. He had trained in his particular discipline for most of his adult life and he stated that he too was still working on his punch. That is why “Progress not Perfection”, resonates with me, and No matter the phase you are in, it is important to appreciate it.

A little about me…

Enlisted in the USMC for eight years, acquiring the skills of hard work and determination as well as mission accomplishment. During those eight years, achieved Master Instructor for Security Forces Physical Security& Tactics. Currently a Black Belt in Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu under Gustavo Machado. In 2014 became Kru under Ajarn Buck Grant in Muay Thai. Has a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science.