3 Keys to Landing the Right Cross/ Straight (Orthodox Stance)

Landing the right cross can be really challenging at first, but I am going to go over a few key elements that should make it a bit easier to land your power hand.

1)  CLOSE THE DISTANCE:  In attempting to close the distance it’s important to keep your head & shoulders moving regularly, so that you’re not a stationary target…easy to hit! Then you want to close in the gap, which I believe the best tool to use is the Jab.  The Jab serves to blind your opponent, allowing you to get close enough to land a strong right hand.  Here are two of my favorite combos for landing to cross are: Jab, Jab, Cross (1.1.2) and Jab, Lead Hook, Cross (1.3.2)

2)  COUNTER ATTACK: Instead of always pursuing your opponent to land your KO shot, you can always wait for them to come to you and counter them. Some of the most common right cross counters are off your opponents Jab or their left hook. In countering the Jab, you can pull back keeping you feet planted, slip to the outside, or parry the jab and counter your right cross. A lot of fights are finished with this type technique because their opponent is not expecting it especially off a “lazy jab”. The second one would be countering a missed or blocked left hook.

3)  GOOD FORM: Is your technique sound, on your right cross/straight?  The pointers to remember are:

a.    Pivot back foot while keeping your back foot on the floor.

b.    Pull your left hips and shoulder backwards.

c.    “Thumb Down” @ 45-degree angle, these do three things:  align your knuckles on target, prevent you from hyper-extending your elbow if you miss, and forces the shoulder into your chin. To protect you from counter hooks.

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